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Summit High

Summit Cross Country Team Expectations

Academics, Character, Leadership and High Level Competition ~ Summit Athletics


1.          I will represent Summit High School with Class and Dignity.

2.          I will respect all teammates and coaches and appreciate all differences.

3.          I will communicate effectively by addressing any issue with my coach.  If at first my questions are not addressed I will: 

1.     Talk with the head coach before or after practice

2.     Stop in and talk to Mr. Pagano (Athletic Director) before school or at lunch

3.     If concerns have not been addressed, set up a meeting with the principal

4.          I will report all absences to my coach.  (Prior to absence if possible)

5.          I will work diligently on keeping grades to the highest standard I can.  Summit athletes must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

6.          I will communicate injuries to my coach and will endeavor to follow The Center Foundation’s recommendations to care for any injuries.  Communication is key to safe and effective injury care.  When in doubt, talk to a coach. 

7.          I understand that coaches use time trials and practices to determine who will run in Varsity and JV races.

8.          I will return my team uniform within a week after my last competition.

9.          I am responsible for checking “summitcrosscountry.com” on a regular basis for any team updates or information that needs to be shared with parents.

10.       I will follow the school’s “code of conduct” by following our athletic departments’ contract.

11.       I will continue to strive to be the best I can be each day, challenge myself and enjoy!

**These are the values that we agree upon.  As a member of Summit’s Cross Country Team, I promise to uphold these agreements.


Varsity Cross Country Letter Requirements:

To earn a Varsity letter for Summit Cross Country the following requirements must be met:

1. Compete as a Varsity runner in at least 2 meets.

2. Compete as a Junior Varsity runner but ran faster than the 7th Varsity runner in the same meet.

3. Must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA through the entire season and end the season in good standing.

4. Have no more than 3 unexcused absences and run in every meet through the season unless excused by the head Cross Country coach.


Summit Cross Country Team Goals:

1.     The Cross Country Team, coaches and administration at Summit High School strive to support academics throughout the season.

2.     The Cross Country coaches will strive to build character through running and extra curricular activities.

3.     The Cross Country coaches will provide leadership opportunities for members of the team.

4.     The Cross Country team will compete at the highest level; goals include competing for a district and OSAA Cross Country State team title.